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Own NFT and earn your commision

Own patents and earn your commision

Own NFT and earn your commision

Own experiences and earn your commision

Own NFT and earn your commision

Own miracles and earn your commision

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The Three Pillars of Magic

Magic brings with it a promise of unlimited potential that takes a unique shape within each person who holds it.

Will you be the one to harness that potential and take it all?

a mystical Insight beyond the veil
a Satisfaction above worldly expectations
an unwavering Devotion to your potential
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Power up your profits
with Wizardia NFTs


Be your truest, deepest self

Wizards are the primary source of interaction in Wizardia.

Wizards are fully customisable by the owner and will bend to your whims and powers.

“Wizard” - noun “Someone who has magical powers.”

Permanent progression

As a Wizard progresses through levels it unlocks permanent buffs and traits through your endless potential.

High level characters are endlessly sought after for their value.

Wizards of any level can be traded in the marketplace as your needs in battle grow and expand.


Gameplay mechanics

Each Protospell manifests your capability to create in-game objects such as items, pets, resources, and powerful spells.

The owner of a Protospell influences the in-game economy and reaps the benefits even in the real world. Protospells are born from your endless potential and therefore carry different rarities.

Protospells can be traded between players as the desire arises, with the value determined by the parties involved.


Every time you discover a new Protospell, your potential for a new mechanic is unlocked.

Just like your magic, your journey is unique and leaves a permanent mark in the realities you traverse.

Discovery will always be a core part of the game, pushing beyond the boundaries of your imagination.


Limited Initial Offering

The first players to awaken to their magic will have several Protospells readily available to cover basic game mechanics.

These Founder’s Protospells will be distributed as NFTs so that early adopters can participate in the shaping of the game.

Spread your influence further by achieving the title of Founder.

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Forge your own path
with Magic


Fight on the edge of reality

Embark on missions beyond comprehension to retrieve riches from other planes of existence. Challenge other players’s realities for Wizardia tokensTM.

Engage in tactical combat unique to your magic using NFT characters. Spend resources to influence followers to join your pillar of magic.

Train and equip your champion with the essence of your magic pillar.

Level your character up to further their insight and gain more skills. Equip your epic gear to dominate across realities.

Risk everything you hold dear to gain the competitive edge over your opponent to prove your pillar.

Magic is a treacherous undertaking. Use your resources wisely to turn the tide of battle.

Gather your followers and prepare to fight for your greater purpose.

Assemble your team to achieve powerful synergies. Discover your magic’s optimal formation on the battlefield.

Choose from a variety of units unique to your magic’s manifestation.


Stretch the Economy beyond what was thought to be possible.

Collect resources and fabricate goods. Everything you create will shape this reality and beyond.

Trade resources and goods in the global multi-dimensional marketplace to find the goods your magic desires.

Buy low and sell high using your magical proficiencies and earn Wizardia tokens that will work towards your will.

Mold the War Front to Your Will

Send resources to the ongoing conflict to shift the tides of battle in your favor.

Your strategy will be put to the test as you are forced to choose which battles to support and which to turn away from.

In turn you will reach glorious victories for your followers or painful defeats.


Journey far and wide to find NFT “Protospells”

A commission is yours for the taking for all owned NFT via Wizardia TokensTM

This reality is a blank slate that you can bend to your magic’s will. Be the first to discover new magic and unleash it upon any reality you enter.

Embrace the Dangers of Magic

Spend resources to uncover new ways to create magical effects based on your pillar.

Discover secret recipes and conjure unique “Protospells” that will astound your enemies.

Gather sets of “Protospells” from the far edges of the universe to unlock your endless hidden potential.

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Wizardia Tokens

$WZRD is a utility token that also acts as an in-game currency.

Tokens can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player present in Wizardia.

Percent (%)
Seed round
Private round
Community round (public)
P2E & Staking
Team & Advisors
Marketing & Listing
*vested, gradually unlocking
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Fund allocation

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Key members

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