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Arena Genesis NFTs

Earn passive rewards from every battle transaction in the Arena.


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To benefit the Wizardia economy, Arena Genesis NFTs will be released over 7 rounds.

There is a maximum of 28,000 NFTs made available

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How can I earn with Arena Genesis NFTs?

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Automatic staking rewards before launch for rounds 1-6

Earliest investors
will have received up to



from Wizardia NFT Staking rewards.

Passive reward from every action within Arena after launch
ui bgEvery fight for
Wizardia Tokens
Skill Mastery
ui bgGenerates Arena Genesis NFT royalties

Staking rewards before arena launch

rewards text
Earliest investors of round 1-6 will receive up to 76% APY from Wizardia NFT Staking rewards.
rewards text
Arena Founder NFTs are automatically staked during Arena building.
Price per NFTTotal NFTsTokens earned per NFTTotal Tokens earnedValue, $
(WZRD $0.12)
APY (%)
Round 1$12540004001,600,000$4876.80%
Round 2$17540005002,000,000$6068.57%
Round 3$22540006002,400,000$7264.00%
Round 4$25540006002,400,000$7258.58%
Round 5$27540006502,600,000$7854.26%
Round 6$30040005502,200,000$6650.13%


The final round of Arena Genesis NFTs serves as a bonus opportunity. Three times lower price, $89 only, in the Round 7 makes Arena Genesis NFTs and its passive income more accessible.



Both Arena and Market Genesis NFTs are based on core game economy mechanics. Both are connected since most resources that will be traded in the Market will be earned by fighting in the Arena.

Yet both are separate economic entities that generate revenue for their respective NFT owners from a royalty fee applied to all transactions made in the Arena and the Market.

Genesis NFTs
Genesis NFTs
Source of
passive reward:
Source of
passive reward
Arena Genesis NFTs will generate passive reward from all battles conducted within Arena - without being required to participate in gameplay.
Market Genesis NFTs will generate passive reward from all trades conducted within the Market - without being required to participate in gameplay.
Both Arena and Market economies benefit heavily from:
  • WZRD token price increase
  • Number of daily transactions
  • Average transaction size
It takes 2 minutes to play an arena match
It takes 2 seconds to perform a Market transaction
Market economy has more potential to grow in total revenue because of the shorter average transaction time, simplicity of each transaction and the demand of resources traded in comparison to Arena economy.
68 USDmonthly
  • 25k daily players
  • 12 trades daily
  • 51 WZRD average trade budget
  • 0.12 USD - WZRD price
25 USDmonthly
  • 25k daily players
  • 5 trades daily
  • 100 WZRD average trade budget
  • 0.12 USD - WZRD price
Arena and Market Genesis NFT revenues rely on player activity and increases dramatically in corellation to the amount of daily transactions in the market and battles in the arena


This information contains projections or other forward looking statements regarding future events or future financial performance. These statements are only predictions or estimates made on a general basis and actual events or results may differ materially. No information constitutes investment, tax, legal or any other advice.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get the NFT to my wallet?

In most cases you will be able to receive the NFT you purchased within minutes. Note: Do not purchase the NFT directly from an exchange wallet! If you do, the NFT will be minted to the payment address and you will not have access to it

What are the benefits of Arena Genesis NFT?

Two main benefits:

  • Staking rewards before game launch.
  • Passive reward after Arena launch.
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