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Get to know the ins and outs of gameplay. Learn the rules so you can master them.

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Get to know the ins and outs of gameplay. Learn the rules so you can master them.

Turn-based battles

Experience the Alpha Version of the Game - strategy, tactics and guaranteed excitement.


Tournaments is easy to play in-browser on desktop or mobile devices.

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Check out out our gameplay streams and get ready for what’s coming next!

First Look at Wizardia Alpha Gameplay
Wizardia Alpha Backstage: Chicara
Wizardia Alpha Development: Spell design
Wizardia Alpha Development: Wizards cast spells
Wizardia Alpha Backstage: Tsering


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Arena Genesis NFTs

Earn automatic staking rewards before the Arena launch. Earn passive royalties from every battle transaction after the Arena launch.


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Earn passive
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Buy $WZRD Tokens

Your $WZRD tokens can be used right away to buy Entry Tickets for Tournaments - the Alpha Version of the Game and Consumables - the Wizard Enhancers.


Use magic potions to boost your Wizards or even resurrect them in the Battle Arena

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Start off on the right foot with these battle-tested and data-supported winning Wizard combinations

What advantages do these bundles provide?

Won more matches than other combos

Win more matches - collect more points

Collect more points - gain bigger rewards

* Data from Pve Tournaments #3, #4 and #5.

** Bundles that include sold out or exclusive Wizard NFTs are not shown.

*** Merely owning the Wizards does not guarantee the indicated win rate - in the end it is up to you.


What is Practice Mode?

Practice Mode allows you to play the game without owning your own Wizard NFTs. You will play against a randomly selected human player or a bot in case there are no players online. Each time you will get a team of Wizards and a set of Consumables pre-selected by our game designers.

Can I choose my friends as my opponents?

The opponent is selected randomly to prepare you for the future PVP Tournaments where you will not be able to choose your opponents in order to avoid cheating. But in the near future Practice Mode will have special links to share and play with your friends. Please follow the latest news on wizardia.io.

Can I play with my own Wizards?

No, you can’t play with your Wizard NFTs in Practice Mode. The team of Wizards is selected randomly and gives players a chance to practice different battle strategies with different Wizard teams and try out Consumables for the first time.

How much does an Entry Ticket cost?

Practice Mode is completely free of charge and you can play as many times as you wish.

What is the prize pool?

In Practice Mode you play for fun, not for prizes. There is no prize pool in Practice Mode. Nevertheless in the near future you will have a chance to win Consumables, the Wizard enhancers, which will drop randomly and daily rewards for playing one battle a day. Follow the latest news on wizardia.io.

What’s new in Practice mode?

  • Practice Mode gives you a chance to try Consumables for the first time.
  • An improved and stronger bot will challenge gamers in case no other players are online.
  • A new Battle Arena environment adds more excitement to the game.


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