Wizardia tournaments rules

About tournaments

Tournaments is a browser-based pre-launch PvE game-mode exclusively for Wizardia NFT holders. The 20 highest-scoring players will win from a prize pool of 200.000 $WZRD and Epic/Rare Wizard NFTs in each Tournament period. Players need 3 Wizard NFTs and a 10 USD entry ticket to compete.

PositionWZRD TokensWizard NFT prizeWizard value
1500001 epic Petro777
2300001 epic777
3200001 epic777
4160001 epic777
5120001 epic777
6100001 rare77
780001 rare77
870001 rare77
960001 rare77
1060001 rare77
Places 2 to 10 win one Original Wizard NFT.Wizard NFTs will be randomly picked, but if you want a specific Wizard NFT, please reach out to our support team.
How to participate

Buying an entry ticket gives the player access to the Tournament.

Each entry ticket lets a player battle 20 times in one Tournament, earning rating points.

Rating points are awarded based on the remaining percentage of health of the player's Wizards at the end of each battle.

If a player who has participated in 20 Tournament battles is not satisfied with his rating, they have the opportunity to buy another entry ticket, fight in 20 more battles and get a better score.

About game mechanics


  • A battle consists of 3 player-controlled Wizards fighting against 3 AI Wizards.
  • A turn is a Wizard selecting a spell and casting it at an enemy Wizard or Wizards.
  • Randomly the player or AI will have the first turn.
  • Then it will alternate between AI and player, each taking a turn until one side has no Wizards left alive. At this point, they have lost, and the team with Wizards remaining has won.
  • If both sides lose their Wizards in the same turn, then the player whose turn it is wins the battle.
Rating calculation rulesA player is rated at the end of each battle based on the percentage of health his Wizards have remaining, plus 35 points for each surviving Wizard.For example: a player’s team has 25%, 40% and 100% health left - giving a total of 165 points. All 3 Wizards surviving earns the player another 105 points. Their total score is 270 rating points.
How we will Announce winners

Winners will be announced once the Tournament ends.

Game balance and terms and conditions and privacy policy can be updated any time without notice.

two wizards standing against each other in a menacing way
Prize pool200.000 $WZRDTOURNAMENTS


After The Tearing, humanity struggled to survive on barely habitable pieces of rock enclosed by the mysterious Fog. However, not all that survived the initial shock were helpless. Several individuals manifested unprecedented powers. Commoners soon started calling those people "The Wizards"

The power to change reality is a potent drug - a drug that entangles all in a perplexing conflict that ravages the last Fog-free land. All Wizards, either through their desire for power or their wish to protect others, end up locked in a futile fight. The consequences of these fights are felt mainly by the ordinary people, who are already only surviving by the skin of their teeth.

To keep at least some of the destruction at bay, a group of formidable Wizards joined forces to create The Arena - a place where anyone can, in relative safety, solve their disagreements.

Recently, a new group of Wizards appeared at the edge of the Fog, riding a piece of metal-rich soil. Tensions have risen among the inhabitants of the remnants of the old earth and this new floating island. The first Tournament has been announced to decide who will lead the last fragment of humanity!


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